1516 Brewing Company Vienna

We love what we're doing

We have been running our pub for over 20 years, serving our home-brewed beer and a wide range of food.

The Brewery

All beer starts its life as crops on a field the grains are harvested and prepaired for brewing in a process called malting. 1516 Brewing Company basically brews ales and beers from malted barley but also uses malted and unmalted wheat, rye and rice when the receipe calls for these. Caramelized malts, roasted malts and even smoked malts in the grain bill give the beers specific aromas, a robust body and a distinctive colour.Production in the brewery starts with the milling of the malt to produce the grist which goes into the brew kettle together with the liquor that is what a brewer calls the water used in brewing. This first part of the actual brewing process that takes place in the two copper-coated vessels behind the bar is called mashing. Natural enzymes in the malt break down the starch into sugars. After this step is completed the mash is pumped to the lautertun, where the spent grains are held back and a clear liquid called the wort runs off to the brew kettle: It contains the sugars and the other aromas of the malt and is now toroughly boiled. During the boil hops are added. Hops are the cone-shaped blossoms of the female hop plant.After the boil is finished the hot wort is cooled down and yeast is added to ferment the sugar to alcohol and CO2. The strain of yeast used as well as the fermentation temperature determine if the finished product is a cold fermented lager or an ale which is fermented at room temperature. Enjoy!

Bierpapst Conrad Seidl

The Brewing Process

Opening hours

Drinks: Mo–So: 10am – 2am
Food: first order 11:30 am, last order 01:00 am
Only ever closed on 24th December